king-of-hell-and-ruler-of-time asked: What makes Red Band Society so special? There are many heartfelt shows but is this one progressive? What minority groups does it represent? Are there any strong independent female, POC, or LQBTQ characters? Also how does is it relatable to teens?




It’s special because it brings attention to the fact that children and teenagers with chronic or life threatening diseases spend long periods of time in the hospital. It shows that just because they’re sick, doesn’t mean they don’t have their good days or moments where they can let loose and have fun. This show is absolutely progressive. There are endless possibilities to which the writers and directors could take the storyline. There will be a handful of LGBTQ characters, Nurse Kenji being one of them, and the kids are the minority. This show is highlighting diseases that are often unheard of (like Cystic Fibrosis) and raising awareness for them. It’s relatable to teens with health problems, family/friends of teens with health problems, teens who have family/friends with health problems, etc. But I also think it’s a great/relatable show for staff members at hospitals, people who want to learn more about these diseases or what the hospital life is like, or just anyone. Its got a great mix of humorous and emotional scenes. And for every unrealistic thing, there is equally something little that is realistic/done right.

Yeah how about we talk about the fact that there’s no sense in representing any kind of illness if you aren’t going to portray it in even a somewhat accurate way. Same with hospital life, that’s not how it is at all either. The show is doing more harm than good for people with CF, cancer, eating disorders, heart conditions, ect because you’re giving the false idea that this is easy. That we look and act fine. That the hospital is fun. That there is any sense of normalcy at all to being sick in the hospital. It’s not relatable to teens with illnesses because the characters aren’t going through what we go through at all other than being inside a building called a hospital. Nothing but misrepresentation being spread. As someone with CF, I would rather them take it off the air than give people this kind of picture of what I go through. It’s a damn injustice.

As someone who spends large sums of time in the hospital, and has numerous health problems, I disagree completely. I mean obviously…I run this blog. If people want 100% accuracy on a certain disease or hospital life, they can watch a documentary or read articles on Google. This is a TV show- it’s here for our entertainment. I don’t think the show does any harm. If you don’t like it and disagree with how they’re representing these diseases/hospital life, then don’t watch it. Oh, and your stay in a hospital is entirely how you make it. If you mope around then yeah, it’s going to be how you described it to be. But if you’re positive, even on the worst days, then it’s exactly like the show portrays it- fun, happy, etc. Maybe that’s why I’m one of the favorite patients at my hospital because even on days where my pain is off the scale and I’ve thrown up 15 times, I still crack jokes and put smiles on peoples faces.


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Favourite: Books {4/?}: Eleanor & Park © Rainbow Rowell

I don’t like you.

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Favourite: Pairings {5/?}: Eleanor / Park

I want everyone to meet you. You’re my favourite person of all the time.

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I just finished Eleanor and park

I have never in my life cried so hard over a book.

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so i noticed at my show that louis is really serious about strong and almost a perfectionist about how it is sung 

so my friend vicky ( nooelgallagher ) found this video showing exactly what i’m talking about!!

so it starts off with zayn’s solo of course, and louis is listening very carefully and then orchestrates how zayn should be singing like he’s guiding the notes


"hit that low note on my song zayn; thats what i thought"

then from :20-:40 its liams part and he’s singing along the entire time to make sure his song is sung perfectly 

and he keeps watching him and wondering if he’s going to do this correctly



and then liam growls the strong on “you make me strong” and louis looks very displeased for a moment like “how dare you change my song”


but then he looks back and smiles because he’s like “okay fine liam it was kind of cute its okay i forgive you this time but fuck with my song again i dare you”


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Anonymous asked: Lol I just found out that if you type daddy af into Google images pictures of Ashton will pop up




remember when harry’s hands use to shake during his WMYB solo and look at him now frolicking up and down the stage with his long hippy hair life is great

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The Red Band Society is not glorifying illness.

The hospital in the show is within the fictional story itself.

This is a FICTIONAL TV show.

The point of the show is to watch the characters live their lives and develop.

Stop getting so offended over something that isn’t even supposed to be accurate.

red band society


what an absolute fucking joke.

" #this show is stupidly unrealistic "

that’s probably why it would be called a fictional tv show. it’s a story. it’s not meant to be realistic.

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